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Tourist information about Montreal

Montreal is the heart of Canada’s French destination. Located just by the Saint Laurent River, the heart of Montreal is located in old port. All boats coming into the city of Montreal come in through Old Port. Old Port is known for its renowned sense of cultural and religious aspects. If you’re looking to see one of the world top medical universities, Montreal houses the famous McGill University as well as the John Molson School of Business, operating under Concordia University. When flying into Montreal, you will end up in the west end of Montreal, in a small region called Dorval. Montreal stands to define the concept of travel in many different ways. The main airport of Montreal is called Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport. It is only fifteen minutes away from the heart of Montreal.

The Divine Cuisine
Montreal offers an extensive fine dining experience in world renowned restaurants and buffets. Cuisine ranges from spicy Thai food to Sweet Italian dishes, Montreal has it all. Fine Italian cuisine can be found on the streets of Cote St-Luc in Notre Dame Region of Montreal. Downtowns very own Chinatown houses the most delicious Chinese food markets.

The Churches
One of the highest churches in the country, the Saint Joseph Oratoire is located on Queen Mary Street in NDG at the corner of Cote Des Neiges. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors take step on each of the 99 steps leading to the front door.

Downtown Shopping
Montreal’s shopping can not get any better. The downtown region of Montreal is filled with tons of boutiques and shopping centers. The largest shopping complex located on Saint Catherine Street is called, the McGill Mall (Eaton Center). The McGill Mall is home to over 200 stores and 300 boutiques. The entire shopping complex is connected to over 6 floors of construction and leads out to over 10km of a walking strip.

Montreal’s winter is always packed with loads of fun for the kids. Tons of snow falls every year, making it one of the most beautiful snow filled cities in the country. The tallest mountain in Montreal, Mount Royal, is an impeccable site in the winter with its cross lit up at night. The downtown regions underground network is an alternative to walking in the snow, which makes shopping a tad bit more interesting.