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Prague Nightlife

The nightlife of a city is where you can find a cities culture of today. It is where you let your hair down and forget about the Prague Castle. Have a drink and chat with locals at a pub or visit a dance club and see what the nightlife is really like.

prague nightlife

The city of Prague at night is just as safe as any other big city in Europe or in the U.S. There are always those suspicious people to look out for such as the pickpockets and cab drivers that try to scam you. It is also important to be aware of your drinks, as drink spiking occurs on a rare occasion. The term used to describe a nightclub in Prague is also different. They are called dance clubs or “clubs”, “klub”, or “disco.” If you are just looking to go have a beer with some locals, you may want to go to a pub.

There are a variety of different types of bars and clubs in Prague. The city also enjoys a variety of different music and drinks, and their club choices reflect that. There are house and techno clubs. Some of the best of those are Roxy, Radost FX, Mecca or Le Mirage. For British Pop, Indie Rock or Alternative Rock, try the M1 Secret Lounge. Live Punk Rock can be found at Klub 007 Strahov and the Modra Vopice. Great DJ bars include Wakata, Punto Azul, and the Cross Club. If you are looking to have a drink at a pub with locals try U Pinkasu, U Cerneho vola, U Zlateho Tygra, U Hrocha and the U Rudolfina. There are even after hours bars for dancing such as the Studio. If you are looking for an after hours place to sit on comfy couches and chat with friends try the Le Clan. The Le Clan offers a place to unwind with good DJ music, chill on couches and play ping-pong in the red lighting of the bar. Le Clan is considered the best after party in Prague. If you are still looking for a place to continue dancing to techno music until the wee hours of the night, Industry55 is the place to go. It is a downstairs hideout and offers a two level dance floor with a bar and a room full of couches

The people of Prague love the eighties. Friday nights are 80s nights at the Lucerna. The Lucerna is a pub, theatre, restaurant and disco all in one. They play all the music videos to the songs that they play behind the stage. The people are stylish, young, fashionable and hot. On screen you see music videos you watched as kid and are haunted by the 80’s hairdos, but in Prague it’s hot and they all have the English lyrics memorized.

The Cross Club features a variety of lighting effects. The effects are so interesting that the bands have a hard time keeping your attention. The club began as a private bar, but is now open to the public with a variety of DJ music, bands and even Czech theatre. It is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon and you will find an interesting collage of art on the walls as well. Most of these interesting wall objects emit the light that gives the club its interesting and mesmerizing feel.

It is never safe to drink and drive, especially in a foreign country. The safest way to make it back to your hotel is to use the night tram. Taxi drivers will try to take advantage of you after the bars and you run the risk of getting ripped off. Shortly after midnight the DPP (Prague Public Transportation) system begins running late night trams. There are nine routes for the city. There is also a bus system that caters more to the outskirts of the city.