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Learning some French for Travel Makes Travelling so Much More Fun

If you arrived here, you have probably travelled round the world quite a bit. Maybe that you lived overseas as a child, worked overseas later or now live overseas with your family.

One really important thing to take into account is is that Learning a bit of French for Travel Makes Travelling so Much More Fun

french alphabet
The French alphabet

This is not only polite but shows that you are willing to experience and integrate into the lifestyle and culture.

One can be amazed how many times the simple phrases (in the local language)
"Hello, how are you?"
"Thank you very much"
can get us out of difficulty. We can only recommend you this list of the Best schools to learn French in France.

Simple French travel phrases that go a long way!

Hello Sir/Madam
Bonjour Monsieur/Madame. (Bon-jur messure/madam) )

Thank-you very much Sir/Madam
Merci beaucoup Monsieur/Madame. (Mercy bow-coo messure/madam)

You are so kind Sir/Madam
Vous ĂȘtes si gentil(le) Monsieur/Madame. (Vooz ett tray jonti messure/madam)

French Phrase Books that are essential travel kit

Recommended French for travel books and Software

AA Essential French for Kids Aimed at the 9-12 year age group so perfect for those kids who have just started learning French at school. Covers kid friendly topics such as making friends and 'cool' phrases.

French (Eye witness travel phrase books) Perfect French phrase book as it fits neatly into your pocket. It covers all the useful situations and uses a simple system of imitated pronunciation. Is a perfect price too!

Berlitz French Phrase book and Dictionary As you would expect, a clear and easy to use French travel phrase book. Not too cluttered with information and fits neatly in your pocket.

French for Travelers (Living Language) Besides covering all the travel basics there are also very useful snippets on French netiquette so you can blend in effortlessly!