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Travelling in a camper van in France

You've decided to visit France this year. Instead of heading to the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, Versailles Palace and other crowded sites, why don't you choose adventure with a campervan?

Travelling in a campervan is a perfect experience for those that love nature and countryside. If you are looking for adventure, want to head to a sporting events with friends or wish to discover unspoiled places, renting a campervan is THE solution.

A quest for freedom

With your campervan, you are free to camp on beautiful beaches and gather around a campfire while drinking beers under the stars.

It is cheaper than renting a car plus accomodation, easier to handle than a motorhome, and much more flexible than public transportation.

What you see along the way is the real journey (Col d'Aubisque, France)

A different philosophy

On the downside, you may have to share cramped spaces, make a bathroom out of a bush and drive many, many hours. But those drawbacks weigh little compared to the feeling of freedom travelling in campervan brings.

Where to find a campervan in France?

We-Van is a French specialist for campervan and minibus renting, with a dozen of agencies throughout the whole country

More info at Fédération Française des Associations et clubs de Camping-cars :