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America: A Hive of Sports Events


The New World, or America as we commonly refer to it, is a hugely sort after travel destination, with thousands upon thousands of tourists journeying there every year. Comprising of 50 States, there is an abundance of sights to see and activities to engage with. As with many locations across the globe, sport plays a huge part in shaping their culture, and America is no exception to this rule. In fact, it could be argued that America is an extravaganza of sporting events all year round, therefore making it one of the top places to visit if you're looking for a sports fix. Just like each State and the towns and cities within them, the sports community has a variety of flavours to suit all pallets.


This sunny part of America instils images of glorious beaches and effortless style, all under a baking hot sun, but there's actually so much more to California than its sun, sea and sand. It has stunning forests filled with redwoods, and a natural beauty very unique to this part of the world. It also has the Super Bowl, the crowning event of the NFL season. The clashing of teams and the undiluted passion of American football delights both US and UK viewers alike, and is one of the best football displays to see if you're visiting California in February. As you can see from Coral's NFL coverage, a lot is encompassed into this one sport, and with such a diverse activity comes a varied range of fans, games, and experiences.


In the State of Georgia, Augusta is an old British Colonial destination that has all the Southern charm you could hope to find in such a scenic location. Its incredible heritage transports you back to a bygone age all the while managing to keep you very much in the now. While it is known for its rustic beauty, it is better known throughout the sporting world for hosting The Masters, one of the most highly acclaimed golf tournaments. Although the competition is synonymous with Tiger Woods, many talented golfers have sealed their name in sporting history by playing this event.

New York Marathon

Despite taking place much later in the year, and being a very different type of event, the NY Marathon is held in just as high a regard as any other American sport. Just like the London Marathon is to UK spectators, its NYC partner has a highly charged atmosphere, as well as an excellent display of athleticism, both of which makes it a highly intense experience for crowd goers. You can savour the sights of down-town New York while also watching runners break their personal records and create new ones. What is more, it is a sporting event that is accessible to everyone, of all ages, making it a worthwhile event to see if you're in and around New York City in early November.