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Cowboys & Indians
13th Annual Crazy Horse Volksmarch * Scenic Historical hike in Black hills * 13,000 hikers * Most popular hike in nation * Great example of local culture * For the adventurous
Crazy Horse Mountain
Avenue of the Chiefs, South Dakota
Phone: 605-673-4681
Fax: 605-6673-2185
June 5-7


All You Can Eat
Cherry Festival * Annual Cherry Harvest * Pie Eating Contests * Hot air balloon races * Food & Drink * Great for kids
Chamber of Commerce
Emmett, Idaho
Phone: 208-365-3485
June 14-21


Skating on thin ice
Sun Valley Skating Center *Summer Ice Skating lessons in America's most prestigious skiing resort* Ride ski-lifts * Great scene views * Parent's credit card essential
Sun Valley, Idaho
Phone: 208 622-2192
Fax: 208 622-2199
Open all year