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The Man Who Changed the World
Nicolas Copernicus Museum * Science, Biography and History* One of the greats* Fascinating for kids and their parents
ul. Katedralna 8
14-530 Frombork, Poland
Phone: (55) 243-7218
Tues-Sun 9:00-4:30



Creating the Country
Muesum of the Origins of the Polish State * The turbulent history of a fascinating country                 * Educational as well as informative
ul. Prof. Kostrzewskiego 1
62-200 Gniezo, Poland
Phone: (66) 26-46-41
Tues-Sun 10:00-5:00


Remember the Holocaust
Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum * Harrowing and tragic* Essential* Hugely powerful* A neccessary part of becoming human
ul. Wiezniow Oswiecimia 20
32-603 Oswiecim, Poland
Phone: (33) 43-21-33
Daily 8:00 a.m-7:00 p.m


The Pope Came from Poland
House of John Paul II * Memorabilia and items from the life of the first non-Italian pope in over 300 years.
ul. Koscielna 7
34-100 Wadowice, Poland
Phone: (33) 326-62
Daily 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-6 p.m.


They've Been Working on the Railroad
Wenecja Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum * Fascinating for collectors and the mechanically inclined*A wonderful specialty museum.
88-400 Zuin
Wenecja, Poland
Phone: (534) 25-150
Daily 9:00-6:00



Salt, Salt, Salt!
Muesum of Krakow Salt Mines * Dark and Damp* Narrow Caverns* Lanterns, Ropes, Bridges* Grown-Ups often don't like it* Fun!!
Park Kingi 6
32-020 Wieliczka, Poland
Phone: (12) 278-7301
Daily 7:30 a.m-6:30 p.m.