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The Great Man
Musee Picasso * In literary and glamorous setting, visit 12nd century chateau where Picasso once lived and painted*treasure-trove of his works in galleries that look out over the azure sea
Chateau Grimaldi
Phone: 92 90 54 20
Open all year


A real dollhouse
Musee National de l'Automate *One of the most animated museums in France*The collection of mechanical dolls from famous manufacturer Roullet-Descamps* Winsome charm
Place de l'Abbaye
Phone: 65 37 07 07
Open all year


Middle Ages
Musee d'Unterlinden *Houses a former convent and 13th c. cloister*Rhenish sculptures and paintings from Middle Ages and Renaissance
1, rue des Unterlinden
6800 Colmar
Phone: 89 20 15 58
Open all year


French Version
Musee Bartholdi * Home of Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty in New York City *Collection of scale models, studies, designs, and paintings
30, rue des Marchands
68000 Colmar
Phone: 89 20 15 58
Open all year


Take a ride
Maginot Line Fortress *Important 2-mile long subterranean network with 6 fight units, electric station, artessian well from 1930s
Ouvrage du Four-aa-Chaux
67510 Lembach
Phone: 88 94 48 62
Open all year


Musee National de l'Automobile *Most important automobile museum in thee world*500 vehicles off 98 different makes*World famous 'Royale', Bugatti's personal limousine
192, avenue de Colmar
68100 Mulhouse
Phone: 89 32 08 09
Open all year


French Way
French Railway Museum * The most important museum of its kind in continental Europe*The French did it right
2, rue Alfred de Glehn
68200 Mulhouse
Phone: 89 42 25 67
Open all year


The Bells of Notre Dame
Mussee de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame *Devoted to medieval and Renaissancee art*Collection illustrated cultural and artistic development of ALsae
3, place du Chateau
6700 Strasbourg
Phone:88 32 88 17
Open all year


Outdoor museum
Alsace Open Air Museum * Over fifty 12nd-19th c. traditional Alsatian houses on ddisplay in outdoor architectural museum
Chemin du Grosswald
68800 Ungersheim
Phone: 89 74 44 54
Open all year


Musee Rollin * Gallo-Roman tombstones, bronzes, Roman mosaics* paintings and sculptures
5, rue des Bancs
71400 Autun
Phone: 85 52 09 76
Open all year


Old stuff
The Archeodrome * Unique archeological center with museum on histoary of Burgundy*exact reconstitution of neolithic huts
21190 Beaaune-Tailly
Phone: 80 21 48 45
Open all year


Camera ready?
Musee Nicephore Niepce *Most important photography museum in Europe* Photos from around the world
28,quai des Messageries
71100 Chalon-sur-Saone
Phone: 85 48 41 98
Open all year


A Writer's Paradise
Colette Museum * Museum of literature* Recordings and excerpts from Collete's writings * Films of her hmes in Puisaye and Paris
Chateau de Saint-Sauveur
89520 Saint-Ssauveur-en-Puisaye
Phone: 86 45 61 95
Open all year


Sens Museum * Former Archbishop's palace *Collections of archeology, paintings and sculptures*Richest Treasure-housein France
Place de la Cathedrale
89100 Sens
Phone: 86 64 15 27
Open all year



Hail, Hail
La Boisserie: General de Gaulle's Home * Charles de Gaulle Memoorial and site of Charles de Gaulle Institute
52330 Colombrey-les-Deux-Eglises
Phone: 25 01 52 52
Open all year


Finest Art
Musee des Beaux-Arts *18th c. palace of former Abbey of Saint Denis* Houses one of thee richest collections in the French Provinces
8, rue Chanzy
51100 Reims
Phone: 26 47 28 44
Open all year


Saints alive
Saint-Remi's Abbey Museum * Famous Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Remi *history, archeology *regional military history collections
53, rue Simon
51100 Reims
Orlando, Florida
Phone: 26 85 23 36
Open all year


Give up or else
Surrender Room * Former headquarters of the Allied Forces in World War II where the German surrender was signed
12, rue Franklin Roosevelt
51100 Reims
Phone: 407-3351-3600
Open all year


Workers Unite
Workers Tool Museum * Unique collection of craftmen's tools for wood, iron, leather and stone work* Fasinating for kids
Hotel de Mauroy
7, rue de la Trinite
10000 Troyes, France
Phone: 25 73 28 26


Famous Scientist
Pasteur Family Home & Mueum * Home and furnishings preserved at the time of the scientist's death
83, rue des Courcelles
39600 Arbois, France
Phone: 84 66 11 72
Open all year


Museum of the French Resistance *Located in Besancon's citadel, collection of documents and objects dating from the beginning of fascism to the libertion of France
La Citadelle
rrue des Fusilles
2500 Besancon, France
Phone: 81 65 07 55
Open all year


Toy Time
The House of Toys * Exhibition and sale of traditional wooden toys
39260 Moirans-en-Montagne
Phone: 84 42 38 64
Open all year


Got the Time?
Haut-Doubs Clock & Watch Museum * Recreated 1930 watchmaking workshop* antique watch collection and tools from all periods of time
Chateau Pertusier
25500 Morteau, France
Phone: 81 67 40 88
Open all year


Classy cars
Peugeot Museum *Museum housing vast collections of Peugeot vehicles, bicycles and tolls * more than 70 on display
Carrefour de l'Europe
25500 Sochaux
Phone: 81 94 48 21
Open all year


Crystal Museum * Collection of exquisite crystal from 1817 to the present
Centre Ville
54120 Baccarat, France
Phone: 83 76 60 06
Open all year


Burned at the stake
Joan of Arc Museum *Museum devoted to the famouse Joan of Arc.
Annexe de la Maison de Jeanne d'Arc
88630 Domremy La Pucelle, France
Phone: 29 06 95 86
Open all year


The Newest
School of Nancy Museum * Collection of French Art Nouveau * the major artists of that period are well represented.
36, rue du Sergent-Blandan
55400 Nancy, France
Phone: 83 40 14 86
Open all year