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Women's Day in Bulgaria

March 8 is the day of the cooperation of the women all over the world in their fight for independence, peace, economic, political and social equality and it is also celebrated in Bulgaria. This date is related to the first mass gathering of working women, which took place in new York on March 8, 1857. Clara Tsetkin suggested the following: each year in each first Sunday of the spring the Day of the working women would be celebrated and also their international solidarity, in order to mobilize the huge women groups seeking equality with men in every social sphere of life. For the first time the International women’s day is celebrated in 1911 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Deutschland, and in 1913 – in France and Russia.

In Bulgaria March 8 was first celebrated in small groups by socialists in 1911; in 1915 is its first public celebration. As a bulgarian public holiday March 8 is being celebrated after September 9, 1944. In the beginning in some factories and enterprises is accounted the contribution of women in the culture, science, production and social life. After 1960 the celebration becomes at a much greater extent and happens to be the favorite holiday for women of all ages. For the children in Bulgaria this day is a holiday for mum.

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