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Easter in Bulgaria

Easter in Bulgaria -(in Bulgarian it is called ‘Velikden’) is in fact based on the main Christian dogma – the faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter in Bulgaria is being celebrated three days in a raw. Great Friday (Razpeti Petuk) is a time for spiritual purifying and is a day in which no one works in Bulgaria. From this day till the noon of the Saturday of Passion (Strastnata Subota) nothing is to be eaten. On Saturday women had cooked special bulgarian ritual bread. This ritual bread is of different types. Some are round, elipse-shaped or of separated pieces in a plait. They are called yaychelnik, kukulnik, paska, velikdenski kravai.

In midnight on Saturday and on Sunday people in Bulgaria go to church and under the melody of the bells they greet one another with the words: ‘Christ has risen!’ and the answer is ‘So has he.’ They kiss each other and wish one another health and luck. The kindled midnight candle is to be carried home silently. On Sunday people are knocking boiled eggs trying to break them. These are special painted eggs. During the whole day people visit their neighbors and relatives. They bring also kozunak (bread with sugar, made of special yeast). On Easter everyone in Bulgaria may wish something, as long as one does it sincerely, but one also should hold a coin in their hand. If one is faithful to their religion the wish will come true.

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