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September 6 in Bulgaria

This day – September 6 – is claimed to be the day when Bulgarians made history and did not wait for it to happen without them doing anything. The Reunion is a fact after many uprisings in different towns in the territory of Easter Rumelia, followed by a military coup d’etat at September 6 (September 18 – new style), 1885, supported by the Bulgarian prince Alexander I. One of the most significat achievments of the Bulgarian spirit – the Reunion of Eastern Rumelia with the Bulgarian Kingdom at September 6, 1885 – is the only socio-political idea of re-establishing the territorial and national unity of Bulgaria after the Ottoman liberation in 1878. Macedonia and Tracia of White Sea were traditionally part of the Bulgarian territory through the ages, with more than 80% Bulgarian people, remain forever out of the newly-established Bulgarian country.

The Reunion prevents the creation of an artificial country in traditionally Bulgarian territory after July 1878 in Eastern Rumelia. After this separation of the territory of Bulgaria the Bulgarian people decide to help the whole and complete union of all Bulgarian territories. Unfortunately they could not express their will strongly, and did not organize well. The Reunion is an example of the historical record of the particular moment, when a balance had to be struck so that the result could be at least satisfactory. Some of the most important and memorable names, people who participated in the Reunion, are Zaharii Stoyanov, Ivan Andonov, Danail Nikolaev, etc.

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