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Major events in 2019-2020 - India

Business events

February 4-7: WPP Stream India, Jaipur

Cultural events and festivals

14th of January - Jaipur Kite Festival

6th of March - Holi Colour Festival

Public holidays

Republic Day 26.01
Eid-ul-Adha variable
Mahasivaratri or Shivaratri variable
Holi or Holika variable
Ramanavani variable
Good Friday variable
Vesak - Buddha Purnima variable
Annual Account Cloing of the Reserve Bank of India 29.06
Independence Day 15.08
Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi 02.10
Vijaya Dashami (Dasera) variable
Deepavali variable
End of Ramadan variable
Christmas 25.12
Reserve Bank of India Closed for Inventory 31.12