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Worlwide festivals and other cultural events in 2020


September 1: Grande Braderie - Flea Market de Lille, Lille (Northern France)

September 21-October 6: Oktoberfest, Munich (Germany)

November 11-13: Loy Krathong and Yi Peng, Thailand lanterns festival, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

December 8: The Festival of Lights, Lyon (France)

December 7-17: Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, (Konya, (Turkey)


December 26, 2019- January 26, 2020 : Dubai Shopping Festival (Dubai)

January 14-16: Jaipur Kite Festival (India)

February 8-25: Venice Carnival (Italy)

February 14 to 25: The Kurentovanje Carnival: procession of traditional Slovene masks in the town of Rtuj (Slovenia)

January 31 to Feb 11: Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan)

Feb 19 to March 1: Murgas Canarias Carnival, Canary Islands (Spain)

February 20 to 26: Barcelona Carnival (Spain)

February 20 to 25: Cologne Carnival (Germany)

February 21 to 26: Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

February 24-25, Carnival (Trinidad and Tobago)

March 9-10: Holi Colour Festival (India)

March 14 to 19: Fallas, Valencia (Spain)

April 5-12: Semana Santa, Sevilla (Spain)

April 25: The Feast of St Mark, Venice (Italy)

March 30 to April 22Budapest Spring Festival (Hungary)

July 6 to 14: Sanfermines, Pamplona/Navarra (Spain)

June 22: Inti Raymi, Sun feast in Cusco (Peru)

July (date not defined yet): Colours of Ostrava, Ostrava (Czech Republic)

July (date not defined yet): Hideout festival 2020, Zrce beach, Pag island (Croatia)

June 27 to July 4: Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen (Denmark)

(date not defined yet): Ljubljana Summer Festival, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

(date not defined yet): Bled Days Festival (Slovenia)

(date not defined yet): International Folklore Festival in Zagreb (Croatia)

(date not defined yet): White Nights Festival, St Petersburg

August 26: La Tomatina Festival, Buñol/Valencia (Spain)